Neck, Back & Shoulder Pain Management

treatment of neck, back and shoulder pain in MandurahDr Ahmed Ramadan of Mandurah Doctors offers neck, mid back, lower back and shoulder pain management for chronic pain sufferers of all ages.

If you are considering an injection or have been recommended an injection by your treating doctor, come in for a second opinion.

Your condition may be treatable using a combination of:

  • Manual Physiotherapy
  • Exercise
  • Conventional Pharmaceutical Therapy (if need be)

Bulk Billed

If you would like to book an appointment, a long one is required and all current Medicare card holders will be bulk billed. The initial appointment will entail a thorough detailed assessment to assist with main line of management.

Dr Ramadan at Mandurah Doctors

Dr Ramadan welcomes patients who are seeking a second opinion as manual therapy and tailored exercises may solve your problem.

Call today to make an appointment on 9535 8700.


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